The Maybach Express: An Icon of Mobility Powered by Maybach Engines

Join the Maybach Foundation in the restoration of a cultural asset: the last original SVT 137 “Type Cologne” from the 1930s – one of the most famous trains in the world and a symbol of innovation powered by Maybach engines.

In the footsteps of Karl Maybach – the restoration of the SVT 137 856

The Wilhelm & Karl Maybach Foundation

The Maybach Foundation was founded in the United States in 2006 with the aim of honoring the legacy of the two great designers Wilhelm and Karl Maybach and connecting people all over the world with the Maybach values of innovation and the promotion of talent. In 2007, the German sister organization, the Maybach Stiftung, was founded. In 2014, the Foundation acquired a particularly important piece of Maybach history: the last SVT high-speed railcar 137 856 “Type Köln” from the 1930s.

The ‘Flying Trains’

The SVT high-speed railcars are considered to be the world’s first high-speed trains designed for speeds of up to 160 km/h in service and reaching top speeds of more than 200 km/h on test runs. With the conversion from traditional steam engines to modern, high-speed diesel engines, the “flying trains” powered by Maybach engines paved the way for a new era of mobility and travel.

Karl Maybach’s Vision

The SVT 137 856 “Bauart Köln” is regarded as one of the last contemporary witnesses of an epoch that was driven by the idea of continuously developing mobility through technical innovation. Karl Maybach was a radical innovator of his time: Motivated by the idea of mobility on land, at sea and in the air, he designed revolutionary high-altitude engines for zeppelin airships, developed propulsion systems for naval applications and in the 1930s helped the rapid transit system become a success – a development that would change rail traffic forever.

The Ambassador of Innovation

Through the refurbishing of the SVT “Cologne, the Maybach Foundation sets out to breathe new life into a milestone of German engineering. In addition to completely restoring the train to its original state, the Maybach Express will be traveling the country as the Messenger of Innovation, functioning as a dynamic museum that connects the many Maybach touchpoints in Southern Germany with those minds and thinkers around the world who share and appreciate the Maybach spirit of innovation, invention, and quality.

Our Goals

Our goal is not only to give the dynamic Maybach Museum a distinct character, but to also share the values of the extraordinary Maybach heritage with the world through the Maybach Express. We want to provide our guests with a fascinating access to the world of technology and engineering and thus inspire them to become innovators and inventors themselves.

Join us on our journey!

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 An Icon of Mobility Powered by Maybach Engines

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