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For two days we were able to accompany the great team of during the shooting. Tim and Max, the cameramen, really gave it their all. Bold train chases, drones lost at short notice and then found again and daring shooting stunts – everything was included.

It was especially important to all of us that we captured our train crossing the historic Göltzschtal viaduct. You can see in this video clip how well this was achieved.

Our project manager Tobias Schiedermeier was indispensable during our video shoot. With patience and a lot of experience and together with the locomotive driver in the driver’s cab, he made sure that we had enough opportunities to “catch” our SVT Cologne on the train line. Many thanks again to the entire transfer team. This was an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Photo: “The Three from the Transfer”: Siegfried Fuchs, Wolfgang Lederer and Tobias Schiedermeier after the successful transfer.
Copyright: Markus Steinbach

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