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We’ve had a literally “moving” weekend. On September 27th and 28th our SVT type “Cologne” was transferred by the Pressnitztalbahn from Cottbus to Neuenmarkt-Wirsberg. The future Maybach Express is now making a stopover at the German Steam Locomotive Museum, where it can be visited over the coming weeks.


Our journey began Friday night at 22:12. Onboard were our SVT experts Siegfried Fuchs and Wolfgang Lederer. They spent the night in true railway romanticism: under candlelight in the former dining car.



The train then made it to its stopover in Neumark in the Vogtland region at around 7 a.m. the following day. In the workshop of the Länderbahn in Neumark, it was carefully cleaned by hand for several hours. But not only our train was taken care of: Our SVT experts were even provided with a delicious breakfast by the staff of the Länderbahn.



On Saturday we continued in spectacular fashion. Tobias Schiedermeier, our project manager, was now on board in the driver´s cab.

A highlight was the crossing of the Göltzschtal Bridge. When the bridge was built in 1851, it was the biggest railway bridge in the world with a height of 78 meters. To this day it is still the largest brick-built bridge, with the overall largest being the Elstertal Bridge, which was also on our route.

Just as iconic and three years older is the “Schiefe Ebene” in the Bavarian district of Kulmbach, a section of the Ludwig-Süd-Nord-Bahn from Lindau to Hof. Between the stations Marktschorgast and Neuenmarkt the ramp overcomes a height difference of 160 meters.

Our Maybach Express on this route – that was a concentrated amount of railway history!



In the evening hours the train arrived at its destination: the German Steam Locomotive Museum. Its director Jürgen Birk is happy about his new guest: “The SVT 137 856 marks an important part of railway history. It has initiated a development that has ultimately led to the replacement of steam locomotives and is therefore also an important part of steam locomotive history. It helps to understand why the ‘black giants’ are no longer part of everyday life on the railways.”



We would like to thank the Steam Locomotive Museum team and all those involved who made sure that the transfer went so smoothly – we are very happy!


By the way: The two cameramen Tim and Max (below) from accompanied us during the whole trip. We will show the trailer that resulted from this here in the coming days.



1. The inside of the SVT – the train experts impromptu dinner table; copyright by Wolfgang Lederer
2. At the workshop of the Länderbahn in Neumark
3. The SVT arriving at the Steam engine Museum Neuenmarkt-Wirsberg
4. Our film team with the drone used for filming with the Göltzschtal Bridge in the background

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